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Activate the experimental mode of Chrome to see the menus as in Windows 11


Windows 11 menus are one of the features that users of the new operating system like the most. And, if your browser is Google Chrome, and looking for 0x0 0x0 Windows error fix you are in luck.

Despite the fact that we spend all day using Google Chrome, very few people know what Google’s browser is capable of.

From tabs, to favorites, folders and bookmarks . The possibilities that search engines give today are so great that not even the developers themselves know all the things that are available in them.

And, as we are not more than Google engineers nor do we know more than them, today we bring you just a little trick, which involves the browser and Windows 11, Microsoft’s operating system that was launched a few weeks ago patterjack .

One of the things I like the most about Microsoft’s OS is the menus, which all have a similar style, display a lot of information and give the whole system a feeling of unity.


These menus, what they have, is that they are not only a thing of the operating system, but from Google they have seen fit to put them in the experimental mode of the browser, as we are going to teach you how to activate:

  • Open Chrome, type chrome: // flags in the address bar and hit Enter. The experiments page will open.
  • In the search box, type Windows 11.
  • In the search results, click the Windows 11style menus drop-down menu and set it to On.
  • Click the reset button for the changes to take effect.

Once these simple steps have been followed, you will have the Windows 11 menus in your browser, so you can match both the operating system and the search engine.


Keep in mind that this can also be activated having Windows 10 and the only thing that we must have updated is Google Chrome to version 96 or higher. To see that you just have to click on options, top right of the browser and click on Chrome Information

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